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  • What type of clothes do you buy?

We are interested in buying high end designer clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories. We aim to only retail higher end designer clothes however we are still interested in clothes from up and coming and less known designers. As our name suggests, we are looking for clothes that have been worn a limited number of times as we want to offer our customers only the best standard of pre-owned, pre loved clothing and accessories. If you would not wear an item for any reason apart from the fact that you are not in love with it as much as you used to be, then it is probably not for us. 

  • What may get rejected?

OWNF is committed to delivering the best possible experience to all our customers. In order to meet this commitment, we are unable to accept items that do not meet our key criteria. These include high-street/boutique brands, items that are heavily worn or marked, certain clothing categories (e.g. lingerie, swimwear), or items that we believe will not achieve a certain re-sale value. If you are unsure just fill out the Sell Now form and we’ll let you know. We may also reject an item after it has been sent to us if it is not as described. 

  • What happens if my item is rejected after you receive it?

In this case, we will return the item(s) to you. We do not have to cover the shipping costs so this will be at your expense. 

  • Does my item have to be in perfect condition?

Preferably, yes. However if there are some signs of wear or a minor defect it may still be acceptable. If we receive an item that is not of the condition or quality described then it will be returned to you at your expense. All clothing items must be dry-cleaned before being sent to us.

  • Does my item have to be dry-cleaned?

We ask that all worn articles of clothing be dry-cleaned before they are sent to us. If, upon examination, we deem that an article requires dry-cleaning we shall dry-clean the article and deduct a dry-cleaning cost of £5.00 from the amount we agreed verbally. 

  • How do you come up with a price for my item of clothing?

We look at each item on an individual basis. We are likely to offer more money on an item dependent on the condition, desirability and make or designer. Each item is researched by our team and we will come to an agreement through informing you of the facts, market conditions for that item and through good old fashioned negotiation!

  • What if I don’t agree with the price?

Its simple, you are under no pressure or obligation to sell. We will always listen to any sensible reasoning during negotiations as we appreciate all our customers knowledge about fashion. We only ask you to remember that we are a business and have costs however unlike other self-sale or market place sites, we offer instant cash and we carry all the re sale responsibility for that item. So... instead of waiting weeks and months for your cash, you can have it to enjoy within 24 hours! 

  • How do I get my items to you?

You have two options. If you have a number of items to sell we can arrange for one of our buyers to come visit you and have a look through your wardrobe and pay you and take away the items on that same day. The other option is to post your items in to us. We suggest that you contact us first though by phone or email and agree a price before entering in to any expense to make sure you are happy with the price offered. 

  • Do I need to clean my garment before sending?

Yes. The item must be dry-cleaned when we receive it. If it’s not, it may be returned to you.   

  • Does it have to be for the right season?

No. We acquire stock for all year round so do not worry about contacting us if you have a winter coat for sale in summer! 

  • Are you interested in the history of an item?

Of course we are! We love fashion and want to know why you bought it and when it was worn. We love hearing about how fabulous our customers looked in each item or garment and this also gives us inspiration for our blogs and site themes. We also like to inform our customers of every detail about each item and this includes the history. 

  • Do you ship the items to the buyer?

Yes we do and we package each item in our own premium packaging. Please see our delivery information page. Standard delivery (UK) starts from £4.85

  • What if I change my mind and want it back?

Once we have agreed a purchase and you have received your cash we unfortunately cannot then return the item. Please make sure you are 100% sure you want to sell your item to OWNF.  

  • How do I get paid?

Once we have agreed to purchase your item and we are in receipt of it and it has been checked to match your description you will receive your cash within 48 hours. We ask you for your bank details to do a same day transfer where possible. If your account does not accept faster payments then this could take up to 72 hours. If we collect items from your home or place of work, you will be paid instantly. We can also send you a cheque if you like or discuss other payment arrangements. Please call our customer services team for further information. 

  • Do you guarantee the quality, condition and authenticity of items?

We have a rigorous inspection process in place to ensure all items are high quality and authentic.  All our items are pre-owned and we provide details of any imperfections or signs of wear. We will not list any items that we would not want to wear or buy ourselves!

  • How do I know the item will be in good condition?

If you have any questions about a particular item please call us on 0844 273 2929 or email us at We will endeavour to respond to any enquiry within 24 hours. 

  • What if I have a question about an item?

Please email us at and state in the header - Item Enquiry. Alternatively you can fill in a form on the Contact Us page. 

  • How are sizes displayed?

We list each garment with its marked size. You will find a size conversion chart on every product page.

  • How does shipping work?

We will send the item directly to you. We package all of the garments in our OWNF packaging. Shipping costs will be added to your item at the checkout. See our have a look at our shipping & delivery page for more details.

  • Can I return something?

Of course! We offer a full returns policy. See our returns page for more details.

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